Blaze – the latest Pet of the Month at Animal House Vets

Blaze was seen initially out-of-hours after injuring his tail. His owners had bandaged his tail, but when he was seen, the skin at the tip of his tail had turned black and necrotic (the cells were dying) and it was also infected.

It was decided that he would need to have dead part of his tail amputated to prevent the spread of the infection and to remove the necrotic tissue to allow the tail to fully heal.

Blaze was transferred to our Chalks Road practice for surgery. Surgeon vet Sarah found that underneath the tail the infection had spread a lot higher than we initially had thought. Therefore to ensure that no infection or necrotic tissue remained, Blaze had to have more than half of his tail removed (23cm in total!!). He was left with 15cm of healthy tail, so he is still able to wag his tail, which he didn’t stop throughout his entire stay with us!!

After a few more check ups, including a bandage change and some topical cream, Blaze was given the all clear!

He is a fantastic patient who won over all the staff with his big brown eyes and his cheeky nature and we wish him all the best in the future.