Our July Pet Of The Month is Bailey!!!

It was at cross-breed Bailey’s adolescence health check that vet Mark became concerned about Bailey’s teeth – Bailey was reluctant to have his head stroked, and for good reason; he hadn’t lost his deciduous (baby) teeth but his adult teeth were growing through too. This meant that his permanent teeth were growing in the wrong directions, making his mouth very sore. As he was the right age to be castrated, it was decided to go ahead with a dental to remove the deciduous teeth at the same time as his castration to save from him having two anaesthetics.

Vet Nora was assigned the mammoth task of removing Bailey’s extra teeth. With retained deciduous teeth the canines and incisors are most commonly affected, but in this case, the problem also affected the molar and premolar teeth. This is extremely rare – Bailey in fact had a double line of molar teeth, every baby tooth present in the lower jaw and most of the upper jaw baby teeth as well (as seen on the x-ray). On top of the surplus baby teeth in his mouth, Bailey had two dentigerous cysts surrounding un-erupted adult canine teeth. The gingiva was opened and cleaned out to allow it to heal.

During the dental procedure, a total of 24 teeth were removed and 2 cysts were emptied and cleaned. Despite undergoing such a major dental, alongside his castration, Bailey recovered very well and was a lovely patient to treat. He is back to eating and drinking normally and all the staff wish him a healthy and happy future!