Alabama Rot is in the News Again

Animal House Vets is warning dog owners about a poorly understood disease that has killed a number of dogs across Britain in recent months.

It is currently called Alabama Rot and although we have not seen any cases to date at any Animal House Vets Surgeries, dog owners should be aware and on their guard as it could spread here and their dogs could be at risk.

The disease was first detected in the New Forest, after dogs walked there had fallen ill and started to develop lesions on their legs, paws and face. They later develop kidney failure.

Other cases have since been recorded in 16 counties across the UK.

The most important thing to realise is that this condition has affected a very small number of dogs and that most wounds/lesions will not be related to this condition. However, if you notice your dog develop any skin wounds, we would recommend that you do not just leave it and hope it will get better.

Take them to a vet can give them a thorough check and if necessary take further steps to check for any signs of renal failure. The initial blood results may be normal, but experts are advising to check the results again after 2 to 4 days.

Although the cause and name of the UK disease are unknown, analysis has shown the disease is similar to a disease that was first reported in the 1980’s in America, called Alabama Rot.

Alabama Rot caused severe kidney failure and typically affected Greyhounds. The deaths in Britain in the past year have affected a variety of breeds.

There have been some dogs that have pulled through. These dogs have been caught early on in the disease process. If you are worried for your dog’s welfare then ensure they see a vet immediately.