May’s Pet of the Month – Louis

Louis was first brought in to see vet Mark at our Chipping Sodbury Surgery presenting with a history of lethargy and vomiting. He was given some treatment for his nausea and reassessed the following morning by vet Nora. He hadn’t eaten but was still vomiting so was admitted for further investigation. This was especially important as he had a habit for eating socks and we needed to check for a “foreign body” – something he could have eaten that he shouldn’t have!
He was admitted and x-rayed and despite nothing being visible there was a large volume of gas (this is the dark area on the Xray in his stomach and intestines), consistent with a foreign body. After speaking to the owners, it was decided that to open him up (exploratory laparotomy) to check for a foreign body and if necessary remove it.
Once the abdomen was opened, Nora was able to touch and feel the stomach and intestines. It was here, where the small and large intestines meet, that the culprit was found. Unable to move the foreign body through the intestines, Nora made an incision to remove it!
What was it? An Ikea foam toadstool! Unfortunately foam is not something that shows up on Xray!

By the next morning, Louis had already started eating and was on the mend. A course of post operative treatment, pain relief and a few check-ups later and Louis is back to his normal self and has recovered incredibly well.
Throughout his ordeal, Louis was a lovely patient and a pleasure to treat and all the vets and nurses wish him the best of health in the future.