How to “Pill Your Dog”

Here are a few tips for our clients who need to give their dog a pill.

1. Make it palatable or tasty: Many medications are now available as palatable versions but of not (and some are bitter tasting) then try hiding it in a small amount of soft food or treats such as pate or cheese. But go easy – remember the calories! Bread works for one of my dogs, honey for the other.
2. If this doesn’t work then you may need to administer the pill directly into your dog’s mouth. Hold the pill between your thumb and index finger of your dominant hand and hold your pet’s upper jaw with your other hand, gently tilting your pet’s nose towards the ceiling. Place the last two fingers of your hand holding the pill between the two lower canine teeth or directly over the lower front teeth and open the dog’s jaw. Get the pill as far back on the tongue as possible before closing the jaw. Syringing some water at this stage will sometimes help make the most stubborn dog swallow!
3. If all fails – give us a ring and the trained team will be able to help.

Giving a pill to a cat is a whole different experience!